The Opportunity Corridor is much more than just a roadway.  It is a chance to reinvest, reinvent, and reclaim some of Cleveland’s most enduring communities that are emerging after decades of population loss and disinvestment.

The Opportunity Corridor will supplement and enhance the progress underway in these neighborhoods led by their residents and leaders who have worked tirelessly to build on the numerous neighborhood assets and reinforce the sense of pride in their community. It’s a chance to restore the economic vitality of the area, with workforce training, job placement, and job creation that directly benefits those living and working along the Corridor. The project will reconnect the neighborhoods through investment in a multi-modal transportation network that supports transit, bicycle, and pedestrian-friendly design and development.

available land in accordance with all zoning, development, and design guidelines.

Through the financial and staff support of the Fund for Our Economic Future, the development of the EGS is being led by RW Ventures of Chicago and Allegro Realty Advisors of Cleveland.  An Economic Growth Strategy Committee (EGSC) comprised of community and business leaders is overseeing the work of the consultant in collaboration with the Opportunity Corridor Steering Committee.

Opportunity Corridor: Getting to Transformative InvestmentsMuch work has been done to advance the construction of the Opportunity Corridor boulevard and the development of the surrounding neighborhoods thanks to the
efforts of a bevy of public, private, and philanthropic stakeholders.  The Economic Growth Strategy (EGS) will supplement these efforts by providing a framework to leverage the numerous investments made to date and the significant infrastructure investment from the Corridor to advance targeted, sustainable business and economic growth in one of Greater Cleveland’s most disadvantaged areas.

The EGS will develop methods for spurring job creation and employment opportunities for the most disenfranchised residents, address employment accessibility issues for current and future residents, and maximize smart, comprehensive development of the


LODES, 2012

Vacant vs. Occupied Land Within ½ mile
of Opportunity Corridor Boulevard


Average Property Value Within ½ mile
of Opportunity Corridor Boulevard

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